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designer drugs, Drug Rehab

Designer drugs may sound like something that the wealthy use, like designer cars and other top quality products with a high price tag, but the truth is that these substances are extremely dangerous. Are designer drugs addictive though? A common misconception is that designer drugs are not addictive, this is simply not true. Mental and physical addiction can develop if any drug is used for a prolonged period or in large amounts on a frequent basis. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse many of the designer drugs on the street today can cause an addiction to develop.


When a chemical dependence or physical tolerance for the designer drug being used starts there are a number of symptoms and risks involved. These include:


  • Intense physical or psychological cravings for the preferred substance can occur. Some designer drugs can produce both types of cravings at the same time.
  • Common withdrawal symptoms seen with other drugs. These can include excessive sweating, chills, tremors, agitation, and interrupted sleep or difficulty sleeping.
  • Changes in the social patterns and behaviors of the individual who is addicted.
  • Weight changes that occur unexpectedly. This may be a weight loss or gain, depending on the substances being used.
  • Difficulty at work or in school.
  • A lack of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed.
  • Drug seeking behavior and risky decisions that involve poor judgment.
  • Theft, so that the items or money stolen can be used to buy the preferred drugs of choice.