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does substance abuse treatment require medication When it comes to substance abuse treatments there are many different choices and options out there, and some may be better or more effective than others. Some treatment programs use medications, others provide psychotherapy, and still others use a combination of these two approaches. Some scientific studies have found that certain forms of substance abuse may benefit most from a combination of therapy and medications. The drugs that are provided as part of the substance abuse treatment will depend on the substance being abused. Some alcohol abuse drugs can cause severe or even violent nausea and vomiting if the user consumes alcohol. Other drugs are prescribed to help minimize any cravings or withdrawal symptoms so that the user is more likely to stay in treatment until the program is finished. Methadone is one such drug that may be used for opioid and heroin addiction, Suboxone is another medication that may be used in this situation.

It is possible to beat substance abuse and overcome addiction without using medications, but for some people the high risk of relapse and past unsuccessful attempts may make them desperate to try anything that could work. One reason for caution when using medications to treat substance abuse is that the patient may simply be replacing one drug or addiction for another. Methadone is an opioid used to treat opioid addiction, so the user is not really kicking their habit as long as they stay on the methadone replacement program. Until you are completely free from drugs your mind and spirit can not work towards a permanent recovery and your judgment will be clouded.