World Wide Addiction Survey

For the first time ever a worldwide survey has been conducted on drug use across the globe, and this survey uncovered some expected facts but also some that may be surprising. It is important to note that the survey conducted did not factor in any hallucinogen use or Ecstasy, these drugs were not included in the survey questions or the data that was compiled. Some of the facts about drug use that the survey shows is that:drug abuse survery, drug use


  • Marijuana is the most popular drug when it comes to illegal drug use, and this is true across the globe.


  • The drug abuse that leads to the most deaths is prescription pain medications, including Oxycontin, Vicodin, and codeine.


  • In the year 2010 over half of the illegal drug abuse deaths were caused by prescription pain medications, but the survey did not consider deaths caused by ecstasy or other hallucinogens.


  • Those at the highest risk for drug abuse and addiction were men who were in their 20s. The countries with the top drug abuse rates included Australia, Britain, Russia, and the United States.


  • Countries with the lowest drug abuse rates include Africa and Asia, which also have very strict penalties that can include death for some drug offenses.


  • Countries which have tough drug laws tend to have more drug abuse deaths, while countries that offer needle exchanges and methadone replacement treatment usually have lower deaths from drug abuse.


  • Every country has some forms of drug abuse, and treatment methods and opportunities can vary widely from one region of the globe to another.



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