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common treatment methods, outpatient substance abuse treatmentWhen it comes to outpatient treatment for substance abuse there are a number of methods that may be used, and each program and treatment facility may offer various combinations. These can include:

Group Therapy- The method involves a group of individuals who all share the same substance abuse behaviors, even if the actual substance being abused or causing the addiction is not the same for each individual. The group may meet from one to seven days a week, depending on the specific program used and the recovery of the individual.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- This type of therapy tries to assist the individual in recognizing the situations where substance abuse is most likely to occur, and then teaching the individual how to avoid these locations and situations. Coping is another element, and the patient will learn how to cope with the cravings and emotions that the substance abuse causes as well.

Multidimensional Family Therapy- This method works well on adolescents who have drug or alcohol problems. The entire family undergoes therapy, not just the patient. Often family issues may contribute to substance abuse by teens, and working with the entire family unit can identify underlying issues and communication barriers.

Contingency Management Therapy- This may also be called motivational incentive therapy, and it involves positive reinforcement use that can help the individual abstain.

One On One Therapy- This involves just the individual and the therapist, and past issues and old emotional wounds are brought up and worked through. This is usually the most expensive therapy but it is also highly effective when used on a regular basis.