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reasons why rehab might not be successfulFor many people relapse is part of the recovery process, but there are some common reasons why rehab may not be successful the first time around or even with repeated attempts at treatment in these facilities. These reasons include:

1. Wrong Rehab Facility or Treatment Type- The right type of rehab is a very important consideration, and the wrong choice could set you back and fail to properly address and treat your specific substance abuse issues.

2. A Failure to Understand Addiction Accurately- Alcohol or drug addiction impacts the way that your brain functions and it affects the thought and reasoning processes. It is not possible to make good decisions while drugs or alcohol are still clouding your thoughts and wreaking havoc in your brain. Years of chronic use could take months to eliminate so that you can finally think clearly again.

3. Failing to Build a Strong Support System- In order to have the best chance at a full and permanent recovery it is very important to build up a strong support system, with individuals who are focused on keeping you sober and being there when you need support so that you do not relapse.

4. Failing to Change Your Attitude About Substance Abuse- In order to be successful in rehab you must have the right attitude. As long as you are not willing to change how you perceive the substance abuse or you fail to take responsibility and actually work on your shortcomings then you will usually fail to meet your treatment goals and recover fully.

5. Not Staying Long Enough to Minimize Relapse Risks- In order to minimize the risk of a relapse you must stay for the entire treatment course. Many people leave treatment early, or they try to fake it so that they are released sooner. This will sabotage your chance at a permanent recovery and a successful future.