In Rio The Drug Bosses Say No To Crack Cocaine

crack addiction, crack cocaine in Rio

Crack cocaine is so addictive that in Rio the drug dealers have stopped selling this specific drug. Powdered cocaine can still be seen in any of the small poorer neighborhoods in this city, and the powder is sold along with marijuana in open air areas of certain neighborhoods. The drug bosses in Rio originally allowed crack cocaine to be sold in this area but the devastation that crack caused in the neighborhoods was widespread. Crack users would set up cardboard shelters near the street to be close to their crack fix around the clock. The drug bosses in Brazil generally come from the lower income neighborhoods and these bosses are the ones who put a stop to crack sales. The second in command for one of the most influential drug bosses in the area, the Red Command, said “Crack has been nothing but a disgrace for Rio. It’s time to stop. I see this misery. I’m a human being too, and I’m a leader here. I want to say I helped stop this.”




The refusal of the drug bosses in Rio to profit from crack cocaine shows just how this drug devastates entire communities. For some of the dealers it is personal, many have lost family members or close friends to the call of crack cocaine. Even educated individuals can become addicted very quickly. The drug bosses are all in agreement that the money made from crack cocaine sales are not welcome, despite losing millions each month by not offering the highly addictive drug. Hopefully the drug dealers in the USA will follow suit. A crack addiction destroys lives, but this does not have to be the case. There are substance abuse treatment centers that can help anyone find a full recovery. 


Medical Technician With Substance Abuse Problems Uses System Flaws To Gain Drugs

David Kwiatkowski, medical technician, opiate syringe theft

David Kwiatkowski should have been stopped in 2008, when the radiology technician was working a temporary position and was accused by a coworker at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian of stealing a drug filled syringe from the hospital operating room. The syringe that David Kwiatkowski tried to put into his pants contained a strong narcotic pain medication. An investigation was started and the medical technician was found with additional stolen syringes in his locker and in the pockets of his clothing. When he submitted to a drug screen David Kwiatkowski tested positive for many opiates including Fentanyl. An even scarier fact soon emerged. Not only had Kwiatkowski stolen pain medications meant for patients recovering from surgery and in desperate need of pain relief but he also replaced the stolen narcotics with another fluid instead. The consequence: being terminated and landing a new job at a hospital in Baltimore. The police, medical board, and the organization that accredits radiological technicians were all left in the dark and were never alerted.


Over the next 4 years David Kwiatkowski worked in 10 different hospitals in 8 different states. Now all of the former patients at hospitals during the time David Kwiatkowski worked at the facility are being told to get tested for Hepatitis C. According to Springboard Healthcare Staffing and Search spokeswoman Barbara Yeninas “It seems that what happens in Pittsburgh stays in Pittsburgh. They get hired and they get fired and they can move on to wherever else they want.” This case outlines the flaws in the current oversight of medical technicians because David Kwiatkowski was allowed to steal drugs and replace them with dummy syringes without any consequences until recently. The syringes that were used to replace the legitimate needles were contaminated with David Kwiatkowski’s blood, and he has Hepatitis C. 


37% Of The Admissions To Substance Abuse Facilities Involve Both Alcohol And At Least One Drug

alcohol and drug abuse, dual diagnosis

A recent report that was released shows the prevalence of a combined alcohol and drug addiction. Over 37% of individuals who check into rehab for substance abuse have at least two addictions or substances used, a problem with alcohol that is combined with other substance abuse issues. The report was released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA. It shows that of the rehab facility admissions more than 23% report using another drug in addition to alcohol, and that more than 14% have a problem with alcohol abuse and the abuse of two or more drugs. When drugs are used along with alcohol the individual usually tends to take more of the drugs than they would if alcohol use was not involved. The report is titled Nearly 40 percent of Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions Report Alcohol-Drug Combinations” and is available online.




Pamela S. Hyde, who is Administrator for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, stated “Even by themselves, alcohol and drug abuse can be devastating to one’s health and well-being, but a combination of drug and alcohol abuse increases one’s risk of serious, life-threatening consequences even more. If you or anyone you know has a problem with drugs and alcohol, together or by themselves please seek help immediately – it is available and it can help.” The report shows just how frequently substance abuse treatment is needed and the fact that many individuals use more than one substance. This must be addressed during treatment for the best results possible.




Prescription Drug Abuse In America Versus Monitoring That Poses Privacy Risks

Gil Kerlikowske, Prescription drug monitoring

In 2009 prescription drugs caused 21,000 deaths by overdose, and the drug czar for the USA is calling prescription drug abuse an epidemic that is not slowing. Out of the 50 states in America 49 have programs in place for monitoring prescription drug abuse, and Missouri is the only state that does not have this type of program in place. Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Gil Kerlikowske stated “The number of deaths as a result of prescription drug use and abuse are greater than heroin and cocaine overdose deaths combined.” Missouri is still holding out against a database for prescription drugs due to concerns about privacy. Last year the state legislature attempted to pass a law allowing prescription drugs to be monitored but the attempt was filibustered, in part because of privacy concerns expressed by the public and even physicians in the state.




Director Gil Kerlikowske will be meeting with Republican Senator Kevin Engler, who has pushed for a monitoring program for prescription drugs. The last push that ended in a filibuster was thwarted by Republican Senator Rob Schaaf of St. Joseph. Senator Schaff says “All they have to do is punch in your name and address and they can find out every controlled substance you’ve been prescribed.” Many advocates in Missouri argue that medications are protected as medical information and a database that contains this information could not be completely secured from hackers and others will malicious intent. Senator Schaaf has threatened to filibuster any new legislation that allows monitoring just like he has in the past.




Does Alcohol Affect Men And Women Differently? A New Study Says Yes!

Effects of alcohol abuse on white matter, MRI studies

A new research study finds that men and women are affected differently by chronic alcohol abuse that goes on for an extended period. The study looked at the volume of white brain matter in both sexes and determined that the white brain matter in women is recovered faster than the white brain matter in men after chronic alcohol abuse when abstinence occurs. The study results are available in the online journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Study coauthors Marlene Oscar Berman, PhD. and Susan Mosher Ruiz, PhD. believe that the findings point out how alcohol abuse over the long term affects men and women differently. Dr. Berman is a professor of psychiatry, neurology and anatomy, and neurobiology at BUSM and she is also a VA Boston Healthcare System research career scientist. Dr. Mosher Ruiz works at the Laboratory for Neuropsychology at BUSM as a postdoctoral research scientist, and she is also associated with the VA Boston Healthcare System in the same capacity.




The study focused on the white brain matter. This is the brain tissue responsible for forming connections between the neurons so that cellular communication occurs in the brain. MRI technology was used to create images of the subject brains, and the study showed that the longer alcohol was abused the more white matter was affected. Dr. Mosher Ruiz explained “We believe that many of the cognitive and emotional deficits observed in people with chronic alcoholism, including memory problems and flat affect, are related to disconnections that result from a loss of white matter. These findings preliminarily suggest that restoration and recovery of the brain’s white matter among alcoholics occurs later in abstinence for men than for women. We hope that additional research in this area can help lead to improved treatment methods that include educating both alcoholic men and women about the harmful effects of excessive drinking and the potential for recovery with sustained abstinence.”


Bobby Brown Is In Rehab For alcohol Abuse, Hopefully This Time Is The Charm

alcohol addiction, Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown, the singer who was first seen in the boy band New Edition and who has since become a household name, has entered into a rehab facility for substance abuse treatment for his alcohol addiction. Brown was married to Whitney Houston and has a daughter with the now deceased singer, Bobbi Kristina Houston brown. It has been apparent for some time that Bobby Brown has had an addiction to alcohol, and this became very evident after Whitney Houston passed away. In March of last year Brown was stopped and charged with DUI but even this event did not curb his appetite for alcohol. News reports of an estrangement between Bobby Brown and his daughter Bobbi Kristina may or may not be related to his substance abuse.




Hopefully this round of substance abuse treatment will be effective. Bobby Brown has additional children with other women. Relationships with women before Whitney Houston produced Bobby Brown Jr., Landon Brown, and La Princia Brown. Since Brown and Houston divorced Bobby has moved on some. In June of 2011 Brown married his manager in Hawaii on the island of Honolulu and the couple have a child named Cassius as well. Brown needs treatment for his alcohol addiction and the star has finally realized this fact. Hopefully now he can finally get his life together and focus on his family instead of spending most of his time in the bottle. According to a source who is close to the star Bobby Brown finally realized that he needed professional help.




Does Alcohol Advertising Violate The Standards Set For Underage Consumers?

alcohol advertising, youth ads, youth research studies
cocktail drinks

A recent study that was performed at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has some disturbing findings concerning the advertising efforts of alcohol manufacturers. The study took place at the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at John Hopkins, and researchers determined that the ads for alcoholic products in youth focused magazines have a high rate of violating the advertising standards that were put in place by the alcohol industry. The ads that were used in the research study included more than 1,200 advertisements that had a variety of products featured, including beer, wine, and liquor products. The study results showed that the voluntary industry code has not been followed in many cases and this is a big cause for concern. The study can be found in the Journal of Adolescent Health and the findings are surprising.




According to Dr. David Jernigan, who holds a PhD and is the coauthor of the study as well as Director for the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, the advertising trends showed by alcohol manufacturers should be considered carefully. He stated “The finding that violations of the alcohol industry’s advertising standards were most common in magazines with the most youthful audiences tells us self-regulated voluntary codes are failing. It’s time to seriously consider stronger limits on youth exposure to alcohol advertising.” Jernigan also said “The bottom line here is that youth are getting hit repeatedly by ads for spirits and beer in magazines geared towards their age demographic. As at least 14 studies have found that the more young people are exposed to alcohol advertising and marketing, the more likely they are to drink, or if already drinking, to drink more, this report should serve as a wake-up call to parents and everyone else concerned about the health of young people.”




Is Brigitte Nielsen Drinking Again? She Was Spotted Acting Strangely And Had Vodka In Park .

Brigitte Nielsen, public intoxication

Brigitte Nielsen is best known for being a long legged beauty, and for her short marriage to macho actor Sylvester Stallone. Nielsen also has a long history of alcohol and substance abuse as well and her struggles with addiction have become fodder for television. In the past it seemed like Brigitte finally found permanent sobriety after participating in Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, which was a reality show on VH1 that dealt with celebrities and their recurring addictions. Recently the beauty seems to have fallen off the wagon though. Nielsen was seen in a public park in LA over the weekend, and her appearance and actions made it clear that something was wrong. According to witnesses Brigitte was disheveled and seemed unkempt. The actress and model was also holding a bottle of Popov vodka in her hand and her behavior was typical of being intoxicated.




When Brigitte Nielsen was spotted in the public park the actress seemed haggard instead of being her typical glamorous sex kitten self. Brigitte drank from the vodka bottle repeatedly, smoked a large number of cigarettes, and even fell asleep on the ground in the middle of the park in the middle of the afternoon. While substance abuse treatment in the past has seemed to be effective for her it is obvious that Nielsen needs another round of treatment now. Usually the star stuns in her sexy outfits, and she has been linked to many male celebrities in the past. The pictures taken Sunday show a completely different side that Brigitte is still struggling to overcome. Hopefully she will check into rehab and get back on the right track.




Amanda Bynes Involved In Another Hit And Run Accident According To A Police Report

Amanda bynes, hit and run

Amanda Bynes can not seem to avoid accidents, and a recent police report has provided significant fodder for the rumors that surround this star. Bynes has recently been in a few accidents and in one instance police believed that she was under the influence of alcohol and arrested her for suspected DUI. A woman who resides in Los Angeles recently filed a police report claiming that she was involved in a hit and run, and that the driver who hit her was Amanda Bynes. The woman, who is only identified as Kisa, claims that she was struck from behind by a BMW that was black in color. Kisa told officers that she did not initially realize that the driver of the vehicle who struck her was Amanda Bynes, and she described the star as being a hot mess.




The police report that Kisa filed describes a quick conversation and a very nervous Amanda Byne. Kisa stated that she retrieved her insurance information but that Amanda was very nervous and did not want to provide insurance information for the accident that she caused. Bynes stated to Kisa that the Toyota Corolla did not look bad, and then the star actually tried to push the rear bumper of the Corolla back into place. Kisa stated that the BMW driven by Bynes was badly damaged, and that her Toyota also sustained significant damage. Amanda Bynes never provided her information, instead she jumped back into her car and drove away. Kisa called the police to report the accident. From the sounds of the report Bynes still needs treatment, whether it is for a nervous condition or substance abuse.