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Celebrity Rehab, Joey Kovar

Joey Kovar, best known for his appearances on The Real World and Celebrity Rehab, was found dead in his apartment in Chicago ridge, Illinois. According to police the star was already dead and could not be resuscitated when his body was found, and Kovar was bleeding from his nose and ears. It is too soon to tell exactly why the 29 year old died, and police are ruling out any foul play based on the scene of the death and other factors. Kovar’s family have stated that they do not believe that Joey overdosed because they say he had been doing so well and was not using drugs any more. Alcohol, cocaine, and ecstasy were all substances that Joey Kovar had sought help for in the past. Whether the substance abuse treatment worked will be answered when all of the autopsy testing and toxicology reports are completed.




If his family is correct and Joey Kovar was not still abusing drugs and alcohol this does not necessarily mean that past drug and alcohol abuse did not play a role. Chronic substance abuse can devastate the body and severely damage internal organs. Some of the damage that substance abuse causes may not be reversible. What is known is that Joey Kovar was healthy aside from his substance abuse issues. 29 years old is way too young to die. It is possible that Kovar had undetected medical problems that were not diagnosed. The high relapse rate with substance abuse also leaves open the possibility that alcohol and drugs killed Kovar, whether this death was caused directly or indirectly by his history of substance abuse.