10 Tips To Help Prevent A Relapse When You Are Stressed!

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1. Take a hot bath. A warm bath will help you relax and relieves stress. This can help minimize cravings and prevent a relapse.


2. Go for a run. Physical activity releases endorphins in your body which provide a natural euphoria that can eliminate a relapse and help you feel great.


3. Listen to music. Music can have a very calming influence on the mind and body both. Put on some of your favorite tunes and let the music take you away from destructive thoughts and impulses.


4. Call someone supportive. A support person can be very helpful when you feel like giving in and want to relapse.


5. Go to a 12 step meeting. Whether it is AA, NA, or another type, a 12 step meeting can be a powerful relapse prevention tool in every situation. This meeting will reinforce your desire for sobriety and help you stay clean.


6. Perform yoga. Yoga helps to calm the mind and relax the body. This makes yoga ideal for relapse prevention.


7. Meditate. Meditation can help you focus on what is important, and eliminate any clutter and mental cravings that you have.


8. Get a massage. Massage therapy not only helps you to relax but can also help with detoxification as well. The physical actions of this therapy helps remove any drug residues and toxins faster.


9. Remove yourself from temptation. Go somewhere that you will not be tempted to engage in alcohol or drug use.


10. Visit a therapist or counselor. Often a counseling session can help you manage your cravings without giving in and falling off the sobriety wagon. 


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