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individual counseling, one on one counseling

Individual counseling sessions are one of the most effective types of therapy offered, and they can lower the risk of relapse considerably when . Why do many substance abuse treatment facilities and programs neglect this component though? In many cases the cost of the professional required for this type of therapy can be a big consideration. Group sessions only require one counselor for the entire group, but one on one sessions require a counselor for each individual. This can come at an expense of $100-$200 per hour per client, and many facilities do not have a budget that allows for this expense or a facility cost that can cover this amount on a regular basis. Clients may receive some help but they will not normally get the best possible results or a permanent recovery, and future treatment is often needed in these situations.




One on one counseling sessions are the most effective because they work on the root causes of substance abuse for the individual. All individuals who drink or use drugs do so for specific reasons, and these reasons can be different for every person. Until the root causes of the behaviors and addictions are isolated and treated then the same pattern will continue. Invisible psychological wounds are not seen but they can be very damaging. Only individual sessions can help uncover these causes and help you work through your unique problems and causes. This is the only way you can achieve a permanent recovery and long term results.