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prescription drug abuse among doctors, substance abuse

New research gives some interesting findings about prescription drug abuse among doctors, including the reasons for the prescription drug abuse in the first place. The number one reason given for this type of substance abuse is self medication, and the physician turns to prescription drugs in order to medicate pain or other undesired factors. The findings of the study can be found in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, and they have implications that may be very important in order to create strategies for dealing with prescription drug abuse among doctors or even preventing this problem before it starts in many cases. Pain, either emotional or physical, is a common reason for self medication by doctors, and sometimes the reason given was simply stress relief.


Physicians have a lot of stress in their daily lives, and often they are overworked as well. Prescription drug abuse among doctors is on the rise, and many fear admitting that they have a substance abuse problem due to the possible loss of their license and privileges to practice medicine. Doctors who abuse prescription drugs or other substances need complete confidentiality during substance abuse treatment, otherwise they will not get this help. In addition physicians have certain needs during their treatment regimen, and it may not be possible to be cut off from the medical office for an extended period. Higher standards are also a factor, and no doctor is willing to take part in a community or government run program that is overcrowded, noisy, and full of stress.