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When it comes to treatment for substance abuse and addiction a common complaint heard is that there are a lack of programs and facilities available to address these specific problems. You can open the phone book or search the internet and you will find many names and options in this category. Many of these offerings are not highly effective though, and ones that do work may come with a very high price tag. There are some reasons for the price discrepancies found, and some do impact the treatment methods used while others may not. Individual therapy can cost $100 or more an hour, and it requires a one to one ratio of patient to therapist. Many rehabs do not offer this option due to the expense and that can mean you are at a higher risk for a relapse once you leave the facility.


Many of the most effective options are classified as upscale or luxury choices. When health insurance that covers substance abuse treatment is available it may only cover outpatient programs or low cost picks that do not offer the latest and most effective techniques and therapies. Instead you may find crowded conditions and environments that are stressful and chaotic. This is not the most conducive atmosphere for recovery and many patients leave before they are finished with the program. It is not so much that there is a lack of facilities and choices but that many which are available are not completely effective or too expensive to be affordable for most individuals on a limited income.