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heroin addiction, intensive substance abuse treatmentCanada and the United States have both seen high heroin addiction and relapse rates, and many feel that there is a shortage of intensive substance abuse treatment options available. Community programs and government facilities do not usually offer more than a band aid for the problem, because without intensive substance abuse treatment that uncovers the root of the heroin addiction the relapse rate can be very high with this drug. Individual counseling and one on one therapy has been proven to be highly effective, but this route can also be costly and can run thousands of dollars per month. A lot of heroin addiction treatment programs only offer group sessions a few times a week and this may not be sufficient for a full and permanent recovery.

Intensive substance abuse treatment for heroin addiction typically requires inpatient care at a residential facility, but many insurance policies will not cover this type of program and that leads to higher relapse rates once the user is discharged from the program. Heroin addiction can be difficult to overcome, and often a medical detox program is required in order to combat cravings and keep the user from searching for their next fix. There are intensive substance abuse treatment programs for heroin addiction that have a lower relapse rate but these may not be covered by most insurance policies, leaving the individual facing large expenses in order to get their life back on track. If you or someone you care about has a heroin addiction there is help available.