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Drug Returns are being expanded to combat prescription drug abuse

A recent announcement by the DEA in the USA was caused by concern over the rising trend for prescription drug abuse. According to the announcement the DEA is allowing pharmacies who register for the program the opportunity for drug returns. Consumers who have leftover unused prescription drugs the these may be stockpiled in the medicine cabinet of the home. Many people who abuse narcotic drugs get them from home medicine cabinets, and this contributes to prescription drug abuse across North America. In the past law enforcement agencies have installed metal return boxes at police stations in order to encourage the return of prescription medications. Often these return efforts only last a short time.

The DEA and pharmacists across the USA have discussed drug returns to pharmacies in order to combat prescription drug abuse and remove harmful medications from the home. One concern for pharmacists is what would happen if the secure return receptacle was broken into. There is no guarantee that pharmacists would sign up and register for the program, and there are some pharmacies which have stopped carrying certain drugs because of the risk of theft and robbery. Only time will tell how well this effort works, and if it succeeds in bringing the prescription drug abuse rates down. Hopefully American pharmacists will sign up for the program and help remove unwanted drugs from homes before they can hit the streets. Stimulants and opioid drugs are the commonly abused prescription medications and right now many homes have at least one of these medications that is no longer used.