Why does Drug Addiction Affect Some People But Not Others?

Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab

One of the most commonly asked questions about drug addiction is why this condition affects some individuals but not others. There are some who try a drug and become hooked instantly, others may use the same drug repeatedly but not develop an addiction. There are some factors that will determine how susceptible you are to drug addiction and substance abuse. These factors include:


  • Genetics and Biology- Your genes help determine whether you are vulnerable to drug addiction or not, but this is just one of the many factors involved. Certain individuals are genetically predisposed to addiction, and entire families with many generations that have a history of substance abuse is common. The genetic traits that determine this are passed down from parents to offspring.
  • Environmental Factors- Drug addiction and substance abuse are also determined by environmental considerations. Peer pressure can cause the individual to try a drug which would not have been used without this influence. Lower incomes can also lead to this outcome, and so can the influence of family members.
  • Developmental Stages- During certain developmental stages the possibility for drug addiction or dependence is higher than at other times. When drug abuse occurs during critical developmental stages, especially adolescence, then the user is more likely to become dependent on the drug and stopping the drug abuse may be harder as a result.
  • Mental Disorders- Anyone with mental disorders may be more likely to develop a drug addiction. This may be due to the fact that the drugs that are abused are used in order to stop certain symptoms of the mental illness.


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