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drug addiction treatment tools, permanent recovery

1. Stress Management Techniques- Learning a number of stress management techniques can help you reach a permanent recovery. These drug addiction treatment tools can help you lower your stress and keep you in recovery, preventing a relapse. Stress can be a big trigger that causes you to fall back into your old habits, and managing your stress can help you prevent this.

2. Anger Management Classes- Anger is another common relapse trigger, and this emotion can be very destructive. Anger management classes are considered effective drug addiction treatment tools, and controlling this emotion can help you avoid a relapse in even the toughest situations.

3. Individual Counseling Sessions- One on one counseling sessions can be one of the most effective drug addiction treatment tools used. Individual counseling allows you to discover your own triggers for substance abuse, and to work through these issues fully. Once the actual causes of your substance abuse have been treated you are more likely to enjoy a permanent recovery.

4. Nutritional Counseling- Certain food items and nutritional components can lead to a relapse, and nutritional counseling can help you prevent this situation. Sugar and certain other foods may trigger emotional or physical cravings, and you could find yourself off the wagon and fighting a drug addiction once more. When you know the foods to avoid this is far less likely.

5. An Extensive Support Network- One of the best drug addiction treatment tools for a permanent recovery is an extensive support network. This network ensures that you have support and someone to talk with when you are at your lowest, and this can help you avoid a relapse and keep you on the right track.