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warning signs of eating disorders

1. Not Eating With Others- One of the biggest warning signs of eating disorders is not eating with others, so that the individual can hide their diet and food intake.

2. Food Obsessions can Signal Eating Disorders– An obsession with food can be a warning sign that one or more eating disorders is starting.

3. Overexercising– Exercising excessively is another warning sign that someone may have one of the eating disorders, and the constant exercise is due to an unrealistic body image if they are not overweight.

4. Worrying About Being Overweight– Someone who is at a normal weight should not be concerned about being overweight all the time. Eating disorders can make a healthy person believe that they are fat even when this is not the case.

5. Rapid Weight Loss-This is one of the most noticeable warning signs of eating disorders, and many pounds may be lost within a few days or weeks.

6. Frequent Episodes of Vomiting- Some people with eating disorders binge or indulge in food and then force themselves to vomit to eliminate the food ingested before it can start the digestion process.

7. Weakness and Fatigue-Poor nutrition often leads to weakness and fatigue, and this is one of the top warning signs of eating disorders.

8. Hair that Becomes Thinner or Falls Out– This warning signs is also a result of poor nutrition and a lack of essential nutrients required for healthy hair.

9. A Menstrual Cycle that Becomes Irregular or Stops Completely– Without good nutrition females usually start to have irregular menstrual cycles, or their cycles may stop altogether.

10. An Inability to Regulate Body Temperature- Frequently complaining about being cold is another one of the top warning signs of eating disorders, and this is caused by a lack of good nutrition and a loss of body fat.