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Shift Worker Program

Addiction Treatment Program for Oil Field Workers and Other Shift Workers

At Valiant Recovery we recognize the fact that there are many High functioning individuals in the work place that may also suffer from addiction problems.

shift workers, oil field worker, oil field worker addiction, oil patch worker addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription abuse, high functioning addict, residential treatment programMany of these work in the Oil Field, work long hours and enjoy great benefits such as extended times off…typically working 3
weeks and then taking 1 week off. While they are at work they are able to stay clean, many companies have even implemented clean and sober camps, to help employees stay focused. The problem comes in that when their week off comes they have a hard time staying off the Drugs and Alcohol.

We have Developed a program to Help these Shift Workers stay consistently clean and sober.

Our program consists of 6 weeks in residential treatment, these weeks take place on the employees off weeks.

The program starts off with a week in residential addiction program, where they get 1on1 counselling and group counseling. We give them the skills and tools they will need to return to work the following week.

While they are at work we continue to stay in touch by means of telephone counselling sessions, we require that the individual stays clean and sober while continuing in our program, to ensure this we also have mandatory Drug or Alcohol testing requirement.

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