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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Valiant Recovery For Your Rehab Alberta Substance Abuse Program

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Valiant Recovery For Your Rehab Alberta Substance Abuse Program


alberta, substance abuse, rehab1. One on One Counseling- One of the biggest reasons why our rehab Alberta facility is chosen is because of the intense focus we place in one on one counseling. Group therapy has a place, but for a total recovery from substance abuse individual therapy is also needed for long term success. This is what is lacking in most other programs, and why our success rates are so much higher.


2. Personal Attention- At the Valiant Recovery rehab Alberta location you will receive the personal attention you have come to expect because of your position. The staff to client ratio is very high, so any needs you have are met immediately and are not put off until someone can get around to it.


3. An Elegant And Luxurious Residential Setting- This rehab Alberta choice offers a residential setting that is elegant and comfortable. The rooms are tastefully furnished and decorated for a luxurious setting you can relax in. This is no clinical office which is cold and modern, instead you are treated in a setting that you will enjoy.


4. Recovery That Is Complete And A Much Lower Risk Of Relapse- Your rehab Alberta treatment decision will determine whether you stay free from substance abuse or if you end up relapsing later on. For your recovery to be complete all of the causes and internal wounds must be healed, and that is what we specialize in at Valiant Recovery.


5. Fine Dining Experiences- We offer fine dining experiences at our rehab Alberta location, with nutritious foods and meals which are delicious. Your physical needs and taste buds are considered in preparing every meal, and our professional nutritional staff ensures that you have what your body needs to recover.


6. Enhanced Physical Fitness Opportunities- Our rehab Alberta services include a wide range of physical activities, to help you get back in optimal physical shape. During your recovery it is important that you get plenty of exercise, to help you feel better and speed the drugs and toxins out of your system.


7. Semi Private Rooms- We are one of the only rehab Alberta area treatment facilities that allows you a semi private room. All of our rooms are furnished and decorated with your comfort in mind, and offer a number of amenities not found in most rehab centers.


8. A Location Which Is Secluded And Enchanting- If you need rehab Alberta can be the best place to get this treatment. Our facility is located in a scenic city with plenty of natural beauty and solitude. There are no distractions from the outside world while you work on your recovery and return to health.


9. Your Spiritual Needs Are Addressed- When it comes to rehab Alberta, most programs do not offer many options for Christians. But at Valiant Recovery we are a Christian treatment center, and that means your spiritual needs are also addressed during the treatment program. This leads to a lasting recovery.


10. The Service And Results Are Worth The Price- The cost of a stay at our rehab Alberta program can seem expensive at first, until you consider the level of treatment and personal service that is included for this price. You could make numerous trips through a cheap and ineffective program, and always end up relapsing, or you can make a commitment to get the treatment that really works the first time out.