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The Northwest Territories are situated in the northern area of Canada and has a population of just over 41,000 individuals. Substance abuse in this region is a big problem and covers a wide range of substances. Crystal methamphetamine use is becoming an epidemic in the region and has had a significant impact on communities. This drug is produced in the area in small amounts, and larger quantities are shipped in from other regions and countries. Heroin use in the Northwest Territories is on the rise as more individuals try this drug but the rate of use is still fairly low. This drug is being found with increasing frequency though and that worries law enforcement.


Marijuana, often called cannabis in the Northwest Territories, is the most commonly abused drug in the area. The drug is used by kids, teens, young adults, and even older individuals on a frequent basis. Marijuana is grown in the area and growing operations can be found inside and outdoors both. Indoor grow operations pose a threat to public safety because of the extreme temperatures and the fact that many illegal growers try to splice into the electrical supply. The rate of cannabis use has stayed steady despite extensive efforts to eradicate the drug use.


In the Northwest Territories cocaine use is still a big issue and this drug has had devastating consequences. Cocaine can be found in both the powder and crack rock form, and each form is more popular in certain areas. Crack cocaine is more common in populated areas but both forms may be found almost anywhere. Ecstasy use has also seen an increase in this region and is often found by law enforcement, sometimes in large quantities. The government and law enforcement agencies have come together and launched a substance abuse prevention campaign in an effort to stem the drug use and make the communities safer for everyone.


The rate of substance abuse is higher in younger individuals as a whole than the rate for older people. Teens and young adults are the group at the highest risk for substance abuse in the Northwest Territories. Alcohol is another substance that is commonly abused, and this abuse crosses almost all age and income levels. Trafficking and importing drugs into the Northwest Territory carry stiff penalties but this has not stopped this activity at all. Every year more drugs are confiscated in this region, some which are brought in from other places and some which are grown or manufactured in the local area.