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Winnipeg, Manitoba: Drug And Alcohol Facts And Problems


Winnipeg, Manitoba: Drug And Alcohol Facts And ProblemsWinnipeg, Manitoba is one of the top 10 largest cities in Canada, and the rate of drug use in this city has become alarming. Individuals of all ages and economic circumstances struggle with addiction and substance abuse in this city. Marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs especially opiates including Oxycontin and methadone, cocaine, and numerous other drugs are widely available in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This availability can be seen by the fact that 15% of teens between 12 and 18 report using drugs and alcohol. The city has the fastest population growth rate in Canada, and the use of drugs has also increased significantly.


Marijuana is considered a minor offense by many cities and communities in Canada, with the focus on other drugs instead. When the marijuana laws are enforced the consequences usually result in a fine and possibly a short term of supervision for possession. In recent years this has changed some due to the large marijuana growing operations that are discovered regularly, often every week. These indoor marijuana farms are often public safety hazards, because the threat of fires, electrical hazards, and toxic fumes are high. Most marijuana grown in Winnipeg, Manitoba is grown indoors, and the drug is also transported in from the USA and other cities in Canada as well.


Heroin use is another issue that Winnipeg, Manitoba has seen in increasing amounts. Many users inject the drug, and heroin is a relatively new problem for the city. This abuse is often interchanged with prescription opiate abuse, typically methadone or Oxycontin, because the drugs have similar effects. According to the statistics the recent rise in the abuse of prescription opiates is followed by a rise in doctor shopping, where users will visit many physicians in the search for the desired opiates and may sell the drugs on the street as well.


Initially the prescription opiate abuse in Winnipeg, Manitoba was limited to young suburban residents who would crush the pills and snort the drug, but now injecting prescription opiates, and heroin if these drugs are not available, is become the most common method used. The drug abuse has spread to almost every area of the city today, and the number of pharmacy robberies has skyrocketed.. The national average rate for drug abuse is 11%, but Winnipeg, Manitoba has a rate of 13%, which is higher than the national average. The creation of the Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court is one result of the high rate of drug abuse and addiction in the city.


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