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Drug Rehab Vancouver

Valiant Recovery Drug Rehab Vancouver:

Experience The Difference Successful Methods And Luxury Can Make

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If you have thought about a drug rehab Vancouver location then Valiant Recovery may be the right choice for you to get the best treatment money can buy. We offer treatment and luxury unmatched by any other rehab facility, and our long term success rates show that our treatments are much more effective. Our drug addiction Vancouver facility does cost more than what you would pay for the typical rehab program run by the government, but you also receive many luxuries and amenities not found in other rehabs as well. The number of clients treated at one time is small, and the Vancouver residential rehab structure and interior is elegant and tastefully decorated.

At the Valiant Recovery drug rehab Vancouver area location you will experience personal attention and a staff that actually cares about your needs and treatment progress. A state of the art kitchen is fully stocked with healthy and good food choices, and a fine dining experience is provided with every meal. Physical fitness is important for a full recovery from substance abuse, and we offer many opportunities for these activities. A pool and other fitness facilities are provided, as well as secluded grounds perfect for exploring. Valiant Recovery is a Christian drug rehab Vancouver, so your spiritual needs and wounds are also explored and addressed during your stay and treatment.

Our drug rehabilitation Vancouver area facility includes a number of highly successful treatment methods to help you recover completely and eliminate substance abuse from your life once and for all. Our staff includes highly trained and experienced professionals who provide individual counseling one on one with you for at least four hours per week, as well as group sessions and other treatment methods. These individual sessions are critical for a recovery that lasts, and this is what is lacking at most rehabs. We are the only drug rehab Vancouver which offers such extensive individual therapy, and that is why we have such low relapse rates with our clients.

Valiant Recovery is the first drug rehab Vancouver area that offers our specific guarantee with treatment. As long as certain conditions are met if you relapse we will ensure you receive treatment at no additional charge, because we know how successful our treatment program and methods are. Substance abuse does not have to control your life, and there is help available. The choice is yours, but use care when deciding on the drug rehab Vancouver facility to use. If you are truly serious about your recovery then you want the best treatment possible, regardless of the cost, and that is exactly what we offer at Valiant Recovery.

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