Would You Recognize These Signs of Heroin Abuse?

signs of heroin abuse

Signs of heroin abuse are not always easy to spot if you do not know what to look for. Some of the more common signs of heroin abuse may include:

  • Pupils which are constricted and smaller than normal
  • Nodding off, which is a side effect caused by the sedation that opiates cause. The individual may fall asleep sitting or even standing, and their head will drop down as they doze.
  • Lying and other forms of deception. Deceit is one of the most common signs of heroin abuse, because the user tries to keep their habit a secret from others.
  • Speech that seems slow, slurred, or incoherent, or sentences that seem garbled.
  • A lack of interest in personal appearance and good hygiene habits. People who abuse heroin may not bathe for several days, and even brushing their teeth and hair may seem like too much effort once this drug takes over.
  • Drug paraphernalia and items that are used to abuse the drug. Signs of heroin abuse may include needles, spoons that have been burned, cotton balls, small baggies with a residue of white powder in them, and pieces of tin foil.
  • Wearing unusual or inappropriate clothing in order to hide any needle punctures.
  • Theft from friends and family members in order to pay for the drug habit. Heroin can be expensive, especially once the user builds up a tolerance, and they may steal from others in order to pay the drug.
  • Picking at the skin is another one of the signs of heroin abuse. Sometimes this picking can become severe enough to leave scabs, sores, and scarring.


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