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Shopping Addiction

A Shopping Addiction: Do You Or Your Spouse Have This Problem?


addiction rehab Kelowna shopping addictionDo you or your spouse have a shopping addiction? Although a shopping addiction may seem harmless because it does not endanger your health, it can be devastating to your finances, your marriage, and other areas of your life. How can you tell whether you or your spouse has a shoppingaddiction? There are some signs that the shopping has become an addiction, and is starting to control your life. Shopping is a necessary part of life, because items are required for everyday living and a normal lifestyle, but when you start purchasing things you do not want just to feel good it is becoming a problem.


A shoppingaddiction may be a problem because of online activity, or trips to your local stores. It does not matter how you or your spouse do the shopping, what matters is that this activity fills an emotional need and is a destructive force in your life. One of the common signs that a shoppingaddiction may be developing is hiding facts about your purchases from your spouse, friends, and family members. Do you or your spouse hide what is purchased, either the dollar amount or the purchase itself? Has shopping caused a strain financially? Do you or your spouse shop to feel better? Do you buy things that you do not really need, or buy items in multiples? All of these are signs of a shoppingaddiction and indicate that there is a problem.


A shoppingaddiction is caused by the same thing that causes other types of addictions, an emotional and spiritual wound that has never healed. If you suffer from this problem you may find yourself buying things that you should not, and spending money that you really can not afford to spend. Financial difficulty is a common result of a shoppingaddiction, because you purchase things to feel better. Over time these frequent purchases can add up to a significant amount without you even being aware of it.


It is possible to cure a shopping addiction with the right treatment program. To be effective any treatment must include one on one counseling. Without this component you can not fully recover and heal from any addiction. Individual counseling sessions allow you to explore the root of the shopping addiction causes, as well as ways to modify your behavior. This means a recovery which normally lasts for life, so you can get your life back and keep your finances under control.

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