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Dr. Troy Wielgosz

Chiropractor, Columnist and Instructor

Dr. Troy is a Chiropractor, trained with a holistic philosophy. Chiropractic is based on the fact that your body is self-healing and self-regulating. Chiropractors focus on ensuring that your body’s own innate healing ability is working at its best. By specializing in the care of your spine, Chiropractors influence the system that runs all other systems of your body. Only Chiropractors provide a comprehensive solution to take care of the health of your spine and nerve system, and ultimately your body.

Dr. Troy is a 5th generation chiropractor and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic where the profession started over one hundred years ago! Being able to help people become healthy is why he became a Chiropractor. After graduating, he migrated west to the beautiful Okanagan Valley to set up a family based practice in 1993.


Dr. Troy uses the Pro adjuster as well as manual adjustments. Using the Pro adjuster Troy is able to help many patients who may have feared chiropractic adjustments, now sit comfortably and without tension through their adjustment.


You can also find Dr Troy on His column “Wellness and You, with Dr Troy” talks about relevant issues today concerning everyone’s health and welfare.

Dr. Troy has always had two passions in life. One was to have a family, the other was to be a chiropractor. Now married with four children, he spends his summers swimming in the lake with his family, gardening with his wife, golfing with his friends and reading for himself. Winters are spent up at Big White where he watches his family tear up the slopes! He is also an instructor with the Canadian Ski Patrol. Finally, he has had the privilege over the last dozen years to volunteer in children’s ministries and as a sound technician at Kelowna Christian Center.


You can reach Dr. Troy at Okanagan Chiropractic by phoning 250-762-2888, emailing, or on the web at Chiropractors in Kelowna