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Jenny Anagnostopoulos – VALIANT RECOVERY

Jennie Anagnostopoulos RPS

Program Manager

Jenny coordinates and oversees the client programs and general operation of the facilities here at Valiant Recovery.  She is a certified Relapse prevention Specialist with the Genesis Process, a relapse prevention program.

Jenny Facilitates a variety of courses at Valiant Recovery related to addiction. and specializes in helping client form healthy boundaries.  Jenny loves teaching courses and leading others to become stronger individuals, teaching them to guard their life and emotions. It is her desire that everyone is able to be free from the problems that grip them and to experience a new freedom in life.  Jenny began working in residential treatment programs in 2003, and has worked with many individuals struggling with addiction and sexual abuse outside of these programs as well.

Jenny, also plays a role in our kitchen, after working years on the food industry, she enjoys preparing delicious healthy meals.