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Childhood Traumas That Can Lead To Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Childhood Traumas That Can Lead To Drug And Alcohol Addiction

childhood traumaDrug and alcohol addiction can be caused by a number of childhood traumas. If there is a traumatic experience in childhood then this can often be translated into addiction in adulthood. The trauma can be some type of abuse, such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, or it can be another type of trauma instead. Studies have shown that up to ninety percent of women, and a large percentage of men as well, who have been either physically or sexually abused as children grew up to have substance abuse issues. Treatment in these cases must address the cause of the trauma, as well as the substance abuse, so that this invisible wound can finally start to heal.

Many individuals who have suffered from childhood trauma develop a drug and alcohol addiction, usually to escape the pain of the memories that surface of the abuse. When the trauma occurred the memory was repressed, pushed back and hidden in the mind. When these memories come back to the surface they bring all of the original emotions as well, and this often results in drug and alcohol addiction. The substance abuse is a form of self medication to control the emotions that flood out, but this is a self destructive way to deal with the trauma. Drug and alcohol addiction will devastate your family, your finances, your career, and even your health and life.

Normally childhood trauma memories are full of anxiety, fear, helplessness, depression, and betrayal. When these memories are remembered you may drink or do drugs to numb these feelings, causing a addiction to occur. This becomes a vicious spiral, and you lose control of your life. Treatment for the original childhood trauma that is causing the drug and alcohol addiction is the key to a lasting recovery, one which is permanent.

Valiant Recovery is a addiction treatment center that offers complete recovery. The program includes one on one counseling to address the original trauma, as well as other methods and techniques to make sure your recovery sticks. For you to be successful in eliminating your drug and alcohol addiction you must address the childhood trauma and deal with the emotions it causes without substance abuse, so that you can finally begin to truly heal and recover. This will allow you to take your life back, and become yourself again.

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