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Is Addiction A Disease?

recovery, addiction, alcoholism, disease modelIs Addiction A Disease?


Is addiction a disease? Most treatment programs for substance abuse follow a medical model that views this problem as a disease. This is one reason why most rehabs do not have successful results, and relapses are a common problem. At Valiant Recovery our substance abuse treatment program is highly effective, and our success rates show this fact. Our program does not follow the disease model, because we believe that a complete recovery from addiction is possible. Drug and alcohol abuse stem from emotional sickness and spiritual death, not disease. Any treatment program must address these factors to be effective and produce permanent recovery.


Most addiction stems from trauma, and this trauma leads to emotional sickness and eventually results in the spiritual death of the individual. Without taking the time to include individual counseling, and substance abuse treatment that addresses the spiritual aspect, a program can not be successful in the goal of complete recovery and permanent healing. Rehab programs which treat addiction as a disease have much higher failure and relapse rates, because the program does not take into account and treat all of the factors involved in the problem.


Treating addiction as a disease can create problems during treatment. A disease means that you are sick, and it is not your fault but that you are a victim of circumstance. Substance abuse is a sickness, but it is one that is emotional and spiritual instead of physical. The disease model does not provide a cure for the cause of the problem, but instead treats only the surface. That is why these programs have clients who return numerous times and frequently relapse. Even after treatment in a typical residential rehab the root of the addiction is still present.


At Valiant Recovery we take a different approach to addiction treatment. It is possible to be completely cured of substance abuse when you address all of the factors involved, and to have a recovery that lasts for life. Before you can be free from addiction you must find and heal the emotional and spiritual wounds that are causing the problems, as well as dealing with the physical and medical complications of the frequent substance abuse. Our programs get to the root of your problems effectively, and address all of them unlike other facilities, so that the inner wounds can heal and you can get your life back on track again. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we offer a conditional guarantee of the results. In most cases if a relapse does occur you are treated at no charge, something very few addiction treatment programs offer.