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Top Relevant Drugs Detected Among Illicit Drug Overdose Deaths 2016-2018

Did you know that the highest age group for an overdose on illicit drugs is 30-39? Pause for a moment and think about the friends, family and co-workers you have who are around that age. It could easily be one of them. Furthermore, the next highest at-risk groups are 40-49 and 50-59. We often spend our time worrying about our young children, and while this is important, and they do rank very high on the chart, let’s not forget about the older generation who is still just as much at risk.

Some of the most common drugs that people have overdosed on over the years in British Columbia include Fentanyl, Cocaine, and Meth. Unfortunately, these illicit drugs are more readily available than one might think, and more and more people fall into the trap of addiction each day. If you think you or a loved one might be falling into this trap, reach out to our qualified and dedicated team today. We can win this fight against drug addiction.

Top Drugs Detected among Overdose Deaths