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10 Signs of Drug Use

Like many bad habits, people will often try to hide their drug use. They are likely trying to hide it for various reasons such as they don’t want to get in trouble – rather at work or at home – and/or they know it is dangerous, they are embarrassed, or all of the above. However, as much as they might want to hide it, it is nearly impossible to hide drug use for an extended period of time. Drug use will make you do things you normally wouldn’t do, act a way you normally wouldn’t act, and might also cause physical changes that will be noticeable to those around you.

If someone is using drugs, it is always better to get them help as soon as possible. This is why it is so important to know the signs of drug use so that you can help make a difference in the life of someone you love who has fallen a victim to drug use. According to, nearly half of Canadians report that they have used an illicit drug at some point in their life – with marijuana being the most commonly used one. Check out these 10 signs of drug use below and if you start to notice any or all of these in your child, friend, spouse, or peer, it might be time to check on them and see if they need to get some help.

10 Signs of Drug Use - Infographic