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How To Choose The Right Rehab Center For A Full Recovery


addiction rehab Kelowna, halfway house, recovery, substance abuse, relapse, therapiesYour choice of half way house can determine whether you succeed in your recovery efforts or you end up failing and having a relapse later on. Every half way house is different, and you will find various costs, techniques, therapies, and activities available. In addition every choice will have a set list of requirements and rules that clients are expected to follow. Choosing the right half way house will depend on many different factors and you will have to evaluate and compare each possibility with these factors in mind. Statistics show that when you use this transition method you will see better results than simply leaving treatment and going straight back to your old life.



Your budget is an important factor when choosing the right half way house. These facilities can range from crowded, stressful, and fairly inexpensive to top quality luxury options that offer high end treatments that are much more effective. If your budget allows it a high quality rehab center is the best option but this cost may not fit in most budgets. These facilities have a limited number of clients at any one time. A high end half way house offers a stress free environment and a positive experience that helps instill confidence and the ability to cope with daily stresses. This greatly increases your chances for a recovery that is complete and permanent.


Before you decide on the right half way house you need to examine the therapies, treatments, and activities offered. Individual counseling is a proven method that is highly effective but these sessions are also the most expensive. Not every rehab center will offer one on one counseling sessions, most only offer group sessions because of the costs for individual therapy. Without this therapy a full recovery is much harder.


The right half way house will be one that you can afford, but also one that offers you the best chance for a full and permanent recovery. Valiant Recovery is a name known for quality and for superior results in substance abuse treatment. Our half way house provides individual counseling four times a month, in house group sessions, a fully equipped gym, numerous activities, and 12 step program meetings. We can give you the results you want and need, and the hope for the future you are looking for. Our programs are not cheap but the most effective treatment methods that give exceptional results do not come without a cost.