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Valiant Recovery Gold Standard Drug Rehab

Welcome to our Newest Facility…The Crossing Point

We wanted to offer a more affordable version of our Luxury Program so that that Everyone can get the Help they need. So we developed a program we call the Crossing Point Program Program.

Focused on the Individual and their specific Root Issues, by addressing these key components we can Help Eliminate Relapse. Private Counselling and Small Group sessions designed to address issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Codependency, Trauma, Boundaries, Grief & Loss.

Kelowna, BC Canada

A Supportive Caring Family Atmosphere for Recovery.With a maximum of 5 adult clients at one time, individuals are able to quickly feel a part of this family. Receiving plenty of individual attention, and comfort with small individualized groups.

Learning to Live a Sober life takes practice, guidance and encouragement.

Welcome to Your Home with Us

We are here to walk with you through all the steps of a Complete Recovery.

Sober Living with Valiant Recovery

A positive environment and peer support are important for a full recovery. Sober living houses allow clients to finish recovering in a safe and stable environment where sobriety is reinforced

  • British Columbia addiction treatmentMinimum of 16 (30 minute) private counselling sessions per month, with a licensed counselor.
  • Individualized small groups
  • Daily access to a gym
  • Staff prepared meals
  • Weekend recreational Activities

Welcome to Your Home with us

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“I walked into the doors of Valiant Recovery a broken person. I was met with love, caring, and positivity.”

  The counsellor is truly amazing and the support staff are loving and truly do care.  At Valiant, you are treated with respect, love, and accountability.  The staff truly do CARE and will go above and beyond to meet your needs.  Through them, I learned who I truly am – lovable  and worthy.  This is an A+ facility whose only goal is to help you.  I can’t say enough about how much Valiant has given me and I am truly grateful.  Thank you.”

– S.B. – Chilliwack, BC