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Many rehabs offer group counseling on a daily basis, but there may not be much else offered in the way of treatment. These drug rehabilitation programs have a high failure rate, and this means either a large percentage of clients drop out before treatment is finished or relapse after leaving the treatment program. Drug, Florida, rehab, luxuryWhile these programs may cost less for a single round of treatment in the long run they may cost more than even the most upscale and effective facility. The financial costs are not the only factor involved in choosing the best drug rehabilitation treatment, because the more effective treatments cost more to provide, and will give the best possible results. The most effective type of therapy possible in any Florida drug rehabilitation is individual counseling, but most programs can not offer this therapy because it can cost hundreds of dollars per hour per client. Every individual with an addiction will use drugs for different reasons, so a one size fits all treatment plan will not work. A drug rehabilitation program that offers one on one therapy will help you uncover the contributing factors for your specific addiction, and this means you can finally heal and move on to