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Are There Many Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?

Are There Many Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?


addiction rehab British Columbia Are There Many Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?Attorneys struggling with addiction is a problem that is not discussed much, but the fact is that many lawyers have this problem. The high stress that a lawyer deals with each day can be extremely wearing, and often the addiction starts with the intent to unwind or relax. A survey showed that as many as half of all those in the legal profession were not happy, and would choose different careers if this was an option. Lawyers struggling with addiction may find it easier to hide this fact, because they usually work for themselves and are rarely required to undergo an employment drug screen. Often the addiction may be well hidden for months or even longer, without anyone being any wiser. Attorneys struggling with addiction also typically have more resources than the usual addict, and this means that the problem can become severe without any financial red flags being raised.


One statistic shows that attorneys struggling with addiction occurs at twice the rate that the general public struggles. Until recently this was a problem that was largely ignored, but many legal organizations and bar associations have started to address attorneys fighting with addiction. It is a proven fact that an addiction makes a lawyer much more likely to be the subject of malpractice or professional misconduct. While attorneys struggling with addiction is not a new problem it is one that is finally getting some much needed attention.


If you are one of the many attorneys struggling with alcoholism there is effective and confidential help available at Valiant Recovery. Statistics show that lawyers are difficult to treat, but if the program used is designed for the specific considerations attorneys have then the results will be much more successful. Individual one on one counseling is one of the treatment methods that has shown exceptional results for addictions, but this therapy is expensive. Valiant Recovery is one of the few luxury rehabs that includes this method, and this mean a complete and permanent recovery. Lawyers struggling with addiction can not afford to go through treatment and then relapse in the future, so the treatment must work the first time around.


Attorneys struggling with substance abuse may find it difficult to ask for help at first, both because of concerns about their career and income and also because of ego issues. At Valiant Recovery we have designed a special program specifically for attorneys struggling with addiction, as well as other professionals who share the same concerns and high stress jobs. We can help you get back on track, and stay there for life.