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Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab

This Video will take you through the life and decisions of an Executive struggling with Substance abuse and Addiction. It will show how an Executive Addiction Treatment Program can help treat the underlying issues behind addiction. It will show you what being in our rehab is like on a day to day bases. Our Executive Rehab Program is our most individualized program we offer, it has 48 one-on-one sessions each month.

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Why Choose An Executive Drug Rehab Instead?
Typical rehabs frequently have repeat clients, because the treatment does not provide a permanent solution to the substance abuse causes. Initially, you may be surprised at the price of an executive drug rehab, but once you look at all the program components that a facility like Valiant Recovery offers you will soon realize that the price is small for what is offered. An executive inpatient drug rehab has the budget available to hire the right professionals to address all of your substance abuse causes, so you do not leave treatment with unhealed wounds and end up relapsing later on.

Why Executive Rehab?
It offers the best chance for you to recover permanently and completely. If you are a professional then you can afford the best treatment that money can buy, and a program that has proven to be effective. This is what an executive alcohol rehab centers offer, especially the one at Valiant Recovery. When you look at all the factors the cost of this type of program is worth it. How much does your addiction cost you in terms of business reputation, and family and personal life? A Luxury rehab can help you take your life back from the addiction, and turn your future around.

Why Is An Executive Rehab Important If You Are A Successful Professional?
Valiant Recovery offers a minimum of 4 hours each week of one-on-one counseling combined with other treatment methods outline in your customized plan, as well as top quality food and fine dining experiences. Because of your success in your chosen profession, it is crucial that complete confidentiality is provided during your stay. You also want luxurious surroundings, close personal attention, and treatment that is effective and that really works. An executive rehab offers all of this for those who can afford the price which comes with this type of treatment. We offer a secluded setting, semi-private rooms, and individualized treatment aimed at stopping your substance abuse issues once and for all.

Doctors Struggling With Addiction Face Unusual Challenges And Considerations
Another consideration for doctors struggling with drug addiction is the environment and settings. Valiant Recovery is a luxury rehab that offers a program designed specifically for the stresses and pressures faced by physicians is the best choice. This program offered for doctors struggling with addiction includes tools to prevent any relapse in the future. Your recovery is priceless, and as a doctor, you can afford only the best treatment available anywhere. Stress management, anger management, and other tools are provided so that physicians can go back to the hectic world of medicine completely recovered and fully healed. This is what Valiant Recovery can give you.

Doctors and Physicians Struggling with Personal Addictions
As a medical professional there are many stresses and pressures faced every day, and in some cases, this can contribute to an addiction. Physicians struggling with addiction may also have licensing and patient concerns, and worry that someone will find out about substance abuse. Physicians struggling with addiction may face unique issues and concerns when it comes to receiving treatment. The statistics show that physicians struggling with addiction are common, much more common than many people believe. As a physician, it is sometimes easier to hide the signs of substance abuse for a longer time, but eventually, the addiction will ruin your career, your reputation, and your life if you let it.

Are There Many Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?
Statistics show that lawyers are difficult to treat, but if the program used is designed for the specific considerations attorneys have then the results will be much more successful. Individual one-on-one counseling is one of the treatment methods that has shown exceptional results for addictions, but this therapy is expensive. If you are one of the many attorneys struggling with alcoholism there is effective and confidential help available at Valiant Recovery. Lawyers struggling with addiction can not afford to go through treatment and then relapse in the future, so the treatment must work the first time around. Valiant Recovery is one of the few luxury rehabs that includes this method, and this means a complete and permanent recovery.

Business Professionals Struggling With Addiction May Be Hesitant To Seek Help
The stigma that society places on substance abuse, whether the substance is alcohol, a legally prescribed medication, or an illegal drug, may make many business professionals struggling with addiction hesitate to admit they have a problem and ask for help. One reason why there are so many business professionals struggling with addiction is the high-stress levels that many professions involve. High stress and long hours combine to make substance abuse common among accountants, executives, and other business professions.

Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment Offers Better Results For Professionals
There is no quick fix or fast track to substance abuse treatment, and for this to be successful and permanent extensive counseling and individual therapy are needed. Many facilities can not afford to offer this option because of the staffing levels required and the costs involved, but luxury centers like Valiant Recovery are designed to include these components as a core part of the recovery program. A substance abuse treatment program that offers much higher rates of success for those who have the available resources are luxury treatment centers. These facilities charge a higher cost, but in return, there are many more benefits and the program is much more effective at dealing with all of the issues related to substance abuse.

Help For Physicians Struggling With Addiction
We can help you get your life back to where you want it, and we offer a treatment program that addresses all of the addiction roots. Valiant Recovery is a substance abuse treatment center designed for Surgeons battling with addiction, as well as other business professionals and individuals who need a recovery which is complete and that lasts. We are an upscale facility, so physicians struggling with addiction receive personal attention from a caring staff, in a setting which is appropriate for your status as a doctor. This allows you more time to focus on treatment, and work on eliminating your substance abuse for good.

Is There Help For Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?
At Valiant Recovery we know which treatment methods are the most effective in treating attorneys struggling with addiction, and how to help you reach a permanent recovery so that you do not relapse after you finish the program. Attorneys fighting with addiction require individualized treatment plans, which factor in the professional responsibilities and high-stress occupation involved. A typical rehab can not efficiently help these professionals heal and recover completely, because of a lack of funds and a minimum of treatment methods in addition to the lack of privacy and dignity. To be successful in life and your career you must be sober, and we can help you reach this goal.

What Is An Executive Rehab? Why Is It More Expensive?
An executive rehab facility can help you work on your recovery without giving up the comforts and luxuries that you are accustomed to so that your recovery is successful and you leave treatment without the usual high risks of a relapse. CEO’s suffer from high levels of stress, just like any other business professional, and often substance abuse is the result. Substance abuse treatment does not have to feel like a sentence or a punishment, instead, you should be able to work through your issues and identify the causes to eliminate them for good without distractions. An executive retreat is designed for those who can afford the cost and insist on only the best, whether it is the treatment offered, the residential setting, or the dining experiences while in the program. An executive rehab helps you do this in the most effective and successful way possible.

What Is An Executive Rehab?
Our program is designed to give you the tools and resources you will need after you finish your treatment to prevent any relapse, as well as addressing and eliminating the causes of substance abuse. Complete client confidentiality is always maintained, and semi-private rooms you to have privacy and solitude when you need it during your executive rehab treatment. An executive rehab facility provides treatment, it should include stress management and other coping techniques because executives and business professionals generally have high-stress jobs and a lot of responsibility. Valiant Recovery is a residential facility which offers an executive rehab program that is very effective.

The Differences That The Executive Rehab Program At Valiant Recovery Offers
The executive drug rehab program at Valiant Recovery is intended to open these wounds and allow them to finally heal completely. Our executive rehab program offers fine dining experiences, equestrian therapy, art, nutritional classes, physical fitness goals, and that most effective treatment methods and techniques that money can buy. Often substance abuse is caused by spiritual and emotional wounds that are not visible, and these wounds fester below the surface. Spiritual counseling is another benefit that our executive rehab program offers that most rehabs do not. This greatly reduces any relapse risk once you are done with the program.

The Executive Rehab At Valiant Recovery
Any executive rehab center will typically offer an upscale residential setting, with elegant decorations and gorgeous furnishings. Your treatment should be relaxing and comfortable, not stressful and in an environment that makes your recovery harder. Attentive personal service is also usually offered at a Luxury rehab because professionals and executives are used to being pampered and taken care of. Usually, the results seen by an executive rehab are better because these facilities offer a more comfortable and less stressful atmosphere, one that is conducive to recovery. It is also important to look at the types of treatment offered though because just having a comfortable setting is not enough for permanent recovery.

The Perfect Rehab For Your Executive Retreat
Most rehabs are crowed, with less than ideal conditions and a very small staff for many clients. No executive would choose these centers for a Luxury retreat because of the low budget, poor conditions, and lack of amenities and services that executives are used to. Alcohol and drug abuse can interfere with your thought processes and job capabilities, and a retreat for executives will give you the time you need to get your life back together. Upscale settings, opulent furnishings and decorations, fine dining experiences, and a substance abuse program that actually works are just some of the reasons why Valiant Recovery is the best choice of facilities for an executive retreat to deal with substance abuse issues.

The Best Program For Business Professionals Struggling With Addiction
Business professionals struggling with addiction still have high standards, and they require a treatment program and customized plan which addresses their unique substance abuse factors while preventing any feeling of deprivation. Many of the CEO’s struggling with addiction understand the low success rate that most facilities have, and can not bear the thought of staying in one of these facilities while receiving treatment. If you are one of the many business professionals struggling with addiction then you need a program designed to understand and meet your needs during your stay. A center which looks and feels like a mental ward or city jail will not help you with a complete recovery, and can actually hurt your chances of success in treatment.

Treatment For Doctors Struggling With Addiction
High-end treatment facilities offer one-on-one counseling that is much more extensive than most facilities, with a minimum of 4 hours a week, so the treatment and recovery process is successful and the addiction is completely treated. It is common for doctors struggling with addiction to successfully hide the signs of this substance abuse from others, but this does not mean the problem does not exist. These substance abuse centers have a much higher success rate than those which offer treatment at a lower cost, and for physicians, this is an important factor. Luxury treatment centers offer physicians with substance abuse problems a discreet way to eliminate the addiction and get their lives and careers back on track.

Lawyers Struggling With Addiction May Have Special Needs
Most facilities do not offer extensive one-on-one counseling or have state of the art physical fitness facilities to speed up the recovery process. Instead, lower cost facilities may only offer a small staff, little personal attention and one-on-one treatment, and few opportunities for physical activity. One reason that lawyers struggling with addiction may not seek help is due to fear that their license or ability to practice law may be suspended or revoked, and another is that most treatment facilities for substance abuse among attorneys are not up to the standards expected by these professionals.

Drug Abuse In Businesses And In The Workplace
Individuals who use drugs have a higher rate of accidents and injuries on the job, costing employers millions of dollars each year on medical and insurance costs alone. This can cause injuries or even death, not just to the worker high on drugs but also other employees around them. Drug abuse in the workplace is a big problem across the country. Many workplaces involve dangerous activities, and drug abuse can cause an employee to become careless or make a mistake. Drug abuse affects businesses in a number of ways, and can really damage a company and have devastating consequences for employees.

Lawyers and Attorneys struggling with Addiction
Attorneys struggling with addiction also typically have more resources than the usual addict, and this means that the problem can become severe without any financial red flags being raised. The high stress that a lawyer deals with each day can be extremely wearing, and often the addiction starts with the intent to unwind or relax. A survey showed that as many as half of all those in the legal profession was not happy, and would choose different careers if this was an option. Attorneys struggling with addiction is a problem that is not discussed much, but the fact is that many lawyers have this problem. Often the addiction may be well hidden for months or even longer, without anyone being any wiser. Attorneys struggling with addiction may find it easier to hide this fact because they usually work for themselves and are rarely required to undergo an employment drug screen.

Business Professionals Struggling With Addiction: A Serious Problem
Business professionals struggling with addiction require many hours of individual therapy each week so that the root causes of the problem can be addressed and finally resolved. Any program or facility that does not include this component cannot give you the results you are looking for. You do not have to be a psychic to tell which program will work though, all you need to do is look at what treatment is offered during your stay in a facility. Executive professionals with addiction have many concerns, including privacy, confidentiality, and a treatment that gives the desired results. Many rehab programs fail, and if your career is at stake and your future depends on a complete recovery then this is not an option.

The Executive Rehab At Valiant Recovery
When most people think of an executive retreat they think of a vacation, or time away from an extremely stressful career or powerful position in society spent relaxing and doing nothing. The fact is that many influential and powerful individuals suffer from substance abuse issues, whether the substance of choice is alcohol or an illegal drug. An executive rehab is a concept that not many facilities can put into play, because of the costs involved in this type of program. Executives have very specific needs and standards, and a typical rehab cannot meet these. Valiant Recovery offers an executive rehab program that may seem expensive, but when all of the components are broken down it is quickly understood why the cost is so high.