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Substance Abuse Recovery: What You Need To Know For Success

Substance Abuse Recovery: What You Need To Know For Success


Substance abuse recovery can help you get control of your life when the right program is chosen. There are some important facts and considerations that need to be looked at before you make any decision regarding a substance abuse recovery program or facility, so that you are successful in this goal. A program which provides a lasting recovery will include specific elements, and if these are missing then the program is not designed for permanent success when it comes to substance abuse recovery. One key element is the location of the facility. A program that is located inside your city has more temptation to leave, and not complete your recovery.


When you are thinking about the right substance abuse recovery program another factor is the distance to your home. If you choose a facility that is close by you may end up leaving treatment before you are done. Instead you should choose a substance abuse recovery program that requires a plane trip to reach. This lowers the risk that you may leave treatment and head back home. A luxury choice can offer you comfort and elegance during your stay, which is much better than the typical rehab operated on a very small budget. Valiant Recovery offers a guarantee to clients, so you can be confident that your substance abuse recovery is meant to last.


Meals and snacks that are both nutritious and delicious are important, because for you to have total substance abuse recovery your physical needs must be met, as well as your spiritual and psychological needs. Physical activity and exercise are also important for any successful substance abuse recovery. Any program that does not include plenty of exercise and physical fitness will hold you back in recovery. There should be a wide range of choices to choose from.


The counseling and therapy provided are crucial to a successful substance abuse recovery. Group therapy has benefits, but for a lasting recovery individual counseling is needed. That is why each client at Valiant Recovery receives at least four hours of this therapy each and every week. These sessions help you explore the roots of your problems, and then these can be addressed so your substance abuse recovery is complete and permanent. Without this in depth work your substance abuse will just fester underneath, hidden and just waiting to erupt again and cause a relapse. This is why our success rates are so high, and our program so effective.