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Substance Abuse And Chemical Changes In Your Brain

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Substance Abuse And Chemical Changes In Your Brain

Substance abuse is a big problem in the USA, North America, and other parts of the world, and this activity can cause chemical changes in your brain over time. Substance abuse causes your brain to adjust the production of chemicals, and in some cases normal brain function is not possible without the substance after the addiction is full blown. If you suffer from substance abuse issues and need help the chemical changes may be difficult without the right type of detox and treatment. Depression, irrational thoughts, mood swings, emotional instability, and other symptoms of detox are signs that there is a chemical imbalance in your brain.

Some types of substance abuse can cause a physical addiction, which can make it difficult for your body or brain to function when you do not have your drug of choice. As long as you have any of the drugs or alcohol in your system then you can not begin to work towards recovery. If you have had substance abuse issues for an extended period then it may take months for you to get back to normal once this activity has been stopped. Just because there are chemical changes caused by substance abuse does not mean that a full and permanent recovery is impossible though, and you can get your life back together with the right treatment program.

Substance abuse does not have to be a life sentence, there is hope for a full and complete recovery. This will need to include proper nutrition, physical fitness efforts, group therapy, a customized treatment plan, and the right types of therapy. Individual counseling should be attended for at least four hours every single week, so that you can examine any hidden wounds and resolve related issues. This step will help you take control over your substance abuse and eliminate the factors that cause you to drink or do drugs.

Spiritual counseling for substance abuse is also very effective, and studies show that including the spiritual aspect during treatment greatly improves your odds of a permanent recovery. If you need help and do not know where to turn then Valiant Recovery can help you recover fully. Substance abuse can be devastating, and does not just affect you. Your family, friends, employer, and others around you are also affected. Help is available, if you are willing to take the first step and admit you need it. One phone call can put you on the path to recovery.