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Just How Common Is Drug Addiction Really?

Just How Common Is Drug Addiction Really?


There is always talk of drug addiction in the media and society, but just how common is this activity really? The sad truth is that drug addiction is much more common than most people believe, and this activity can devastate your life completely if you do not receive treatment which is successful. Most of the population will be affected by some type of addiction in their life, whether this is a drug addiction or another type. People who suffer from this problem try very hard to hide it from the world, and many are successful at this most of the time.


Studies show that at between 25% and 33% of the population has a problem with substance abuse, and most of these individuals have a full blown drug addiction. When you think about these numbers it can be frightening, and many people who are extremely successful and highly respected in the community have a hidden problem with drugs or alcohol. In some cases a drug addiction starts with the legal use of prescription pills that ends up becoming abuse, while in other cases street drugs or alcohol are the beginning of the downfall. In many cases it is impossible to tell when someone has a drug addiction much of the time, and it could be a doctor, lawyer, housewife, the teenager next door, and almost anyone else.


A drug addiction that is not treated will lead to a loss of control over many aspects of life. Even with treatment, if you make the wrong choice in rehabs then you could be just throwing your money away on a quick fix for drug addiction instead of a permanent recovery. The rate of relapse for this problem can be extremely high with many facilities, and clients return periodically because they have fallen off the wagon and require treatment again. If you have a problem with substance abuse or addiction you are not alone, there are many people out there who have the same struggles.


If you have a drug addiction then you need to seek help to get your life back, and at Valiant Recovery we can assist you during your recovery. We offer a residential treatment program that is both effective and relaxing, and is not like typical rehabs with crowded conditions or limited treatments. Before choosing any drug addiction treatment center make sure to evaluate each carefully. Ensure that one on one counseling is often regularly for a complete recovery that is lasting. This can help prevent any relapse after you leave treatment.