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Finding Drug Addiction Treatment That Actually Works

Drug addiction treatment centers, recovery, relapseFinding Drug Addiction Treatment That Actually Works


Drug addiction treatment centers are numerous, but most of these rehabs do not give excellent results. This has led to the common belief that drug addiction treatment does not work, and is a waste of money. The typical rehab will have a high number of clients who relapse within the first few months, and this can cause many addicts to think why bother, because these drug addiction treatment centers do not offer permanent results. The phrase you get what you pay for is true in this case, and choosing an inexpensive rehab is not usually the best choice if you want to stop the substance abuse once and for all.


There are many more components that need to be worked on in drug addiction treatment than what is offered with most rehabs. Because of budget concerns and limitations these facilities do not offer one on one counseling or spiritual counseling, and without these factors you can not completely recover, and will always be at a higher risk of sliding backwards after the drug addiction treatment program is finished. If you want to get rid of your substance abuse for good this time then it is better to choose an upscale drug addiction treatment center, one that offers a guarantee like Valiant Recovery. This guarantee lets you know that the program is effective, and few rehabs offer this type of coverage for their treatment.


The typical drug addiction treatment center may have more in common with chaos than with recovering. The crowds, excessive noise, and lines of people are only part of the problem. The treatment offered is usually meant to be a short term fix for your problems, with a very short stay and little counseling or therapy offered. Each patient gets the same drug addiction treatment without any variations, so individual factors are not considered or treated. This leads to failure, because you do not have the tools to be successful at staying sober once your treatment is finished.


It is possible to find drug addiction treatment that actually works, if you know what to look for in a program and are willing to pay for permanent results. An upscale facility such as Valiant Recovery does cost more for treatment, because the program involves many additional types of therapy and counseling which requires the cost of additional professionals and staff. The luxurious setting and fine dining experiences also cost more to provide, but the cost is well worth it to be successful with your drug addiction treatment program. Valiant Recovery offers effective programs that give you the tools you need to be successful, both in treatment and once you leave.