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The Most Common Drugs Of Abuse And Their Street Names

The Most Common Drugs Of Abuse And Their Street Names


Some of the most common drugs of abuse go by many different street names, making it difficult in some cases to determine exactly which drug is V4V 1E7 substance abuse rehabilitation BC  The Most Common Drugs Of Abuse And Their Street Namescausing a problem with someone you care about. When it comes to drugs of abuse marijuana and alcohol top the list, and these are common drugs that are used among almost all age groups. Street names for marijuana can include weed, toke, dope, chronic, Mary Jane, bud, blunt, ganja, grass, and many other names depending on the area and the type. Drugs of abuse are often never called by their legal name on the street, and instead are referred by the slang names for that drug in the specific area.


Cocaine is another one of the most common drugs of abuse. This substance may be shortened to caine, and is also known as nose candy or just candy, snow, powder, flake, numbies, blow, bump C, crack, toot, and many others. Drugs of abuse include Heroin, which is a very dangerous and highly addictive drug that is becoming more common. Common street names for heroin include brown sugar, china white, horse, H, junk, smack, white horse, skag, skunk, dope, and others. Drugs of abuse may be called by one street name in some areas, but go by another moniker in other areas.


There are many other drugs of abuse, and some are more common than others. Some of these drugs can be received with a legitimate prescription, while others have very limited or no medical use at all and are illegal to possess or use under any circumstances. A wide range of drugs that are used to treat pain called opiates are a very popular drugs of abuse on the street, so much so that many people will buy and use these pills illegally in a recreational manner, simply to get the narcotic effect.


If you or someone you know have a problem with drugs of abuse there is something you can do about it. Successful treatment that is effective is available at Valiant Recovery, an upscale treatment center with a high rate of success at treating cases involving drugs of abuse as well as alcohol and other types of addictions. Many rehabs do not provide one on one counseling, which is the key to a successful recovery and a future that is drug and addiction free. Whether you use the street name or legal name, an addiction is still the same problem no matter what you call the drug, but you do not have to go it alone and help is available.