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Sauna Detox Sessions

Sauna Detox Sessions

British Columbia substance abuse rehabilitation sauna detoxSo How Exactly Does Sauna Therapy Assist With Drug Detox and Prevent Relapse?


A large number of substances including street drugs (pot, mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, LSD, meth , crack, ecstasy, etc.), psychiatric drugs, commercial chemicals, pesticides, food additives and preservatives are acknowledged to be trapped in body fat tissue. Studies have proven that both prescription and so-called recreational drugs may stay in your body for longer time periods in body tissues, generally in tissues that are high in fat content, like the brain and adipose tissue. Though drugs and their metabolites quickly become undetected in blood and urine, several as quickly as three days following last use, drug metabolites stay trapped in fatty tissues for years. The built up drug metabolites that continue to trigger drug cravings, a factor in relapse, brought researchers to create a program targeted at reducing amounts of toxins in the body to assist in recovery.


For instance, marijuana may be found in urine up to 70 days following last use. Whereas cocaine is often regarded as a rapidly metabolized drug, studies of cocaine users reveal that un-metabolized cocaine can be found 5-10 days following the last use of the drug. Any time fats are mobilized during periods of stress or hunger the drug metabolites will also be mobilized and enter in the bloodstream. This extended physical storage of commonly abused substances was recognized as early as 1957 with regard to LSD, in 1977 for amphetamine compounds and in 1988 for cocaine. These particular metabolites may trigger cravings which are very difficult to resist and relapse occurs.


The Sauna Detox Therapy
The objective of the Sauna Detox System will be to purge the human body of drug deposits, therefore significantly eliminating or entirely removing cravings. This can be achieved using an precise program that consists of the following:

-A precise Blend of vitamin, mineral and oil intake
-Physical exercise, preferably running, to promote circulation
-Daily diet supplemented with lots of fresh vegetables
-Prescribed intervals in the low heat Infrared sauna to encourage perspiration
-Adequate essential fluids to counterbalance the loss of body fluids through perspiration
-A correctly arranged personal routine, which supplies the individual with all the regularly required amounts of sleep

Your body automatically distinguishes drugs as toxic, and it has to remove these toxins. Drugs and alcohol are converted inside the liver in a process known as metabolization, the by-products of which are classified as metabolites (the substances your body converts the drugs or alcohol into). Tissues within our bodies which are high in fats are metabolized very slowly. Our bodies can metabolize and burn up fat when a individual undergoes an event that causes the heart level to accelerate . Stress can do this, just like strenuous physical activity, anger, or extreme emotion. We go through these problems on a somewhat regular basis. Whenever an addict encounters these circumstances and their heart rate speeds up, the body starts to mobilize and burn up fat.


When the fat cells burn they will release the metabolites directly into the person’s blood stream. These metabolite acts like a mental and physical reminder from the drug or alcohol usage. In a nutshell, once the stored drug metabolites are freed into the blood stream they can cause the individual to feel like they actually used the drug. The ex – addict now experiences a drug restimulation (or flashback) and drug craving. This can be typical within the months after an addict quits and may continue on for a few years.


Enhancements In Your Life From Sauna
Valiant Recovery’s Sauna Detox Therapy features astonishing improvements in Clients who report:

-Increased energy
-Capacity to think more clearly
-Enhanced memory and attention span
-Elevated awareness of surroundings
-Increased sense of general well being
-Decrease or elimination of numerous symptoms related to drug addiction, such as depression, irritability and exhaustion