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Interesting Alcoholism Treatment Statistics

Interesting Alcoholism Treatment Statistics


alcoholism treatment, statisticsThere are many alcoholism treatment statistics available, and these show that there is hope for anyone who receives the right type of treatment. Many studies have shown that receiving any treatment for alcohol abuse will increase the odds of abstaining, but some methods are less effective than others. Group counseling is offered by most facilities, and the alcoholism treatment statistics show that this type of counseling is needed. Facilities that only offer group sessions may not provide the individualized evaluation that is also needed though. The alcoholism treatment statistics show that programs which also include weekly individual counseling sessions will offer better results and can lead to a permanent recovery.

Alcoholism treatment statistics also show just how important aftercare is for anyone recovering from substance abuse. More than 14 million people in the USA alone have a problem with alcohol at this time. Out of these 14 million only around 6% will ever receive the professional substance abuse treatment that is needed. Most of those who suffer from alcohol addiction do so without any recognized treatment. The alcoholism treatment statistics also show that the cost of the program can be directly related to the success rate offered.

High end treatment centers that are more expensive may offer additional treatment methods. The alcoholism treatment statistics show that providing individual counseling several times each week can boost the permanent recovery and success rate. Another of the interesting alcoholism treatment statistics is that one of the most common reasons for not seeking help is the excuse I can not afford treatment. This excuse is used by around 40% of individuals who have an alcohol addiction. Almost 22% of rehab admissions are for alcohol addiction only. Approximately another 18% of the admissions to substance abuse programs will involve alcohol and at least one other substance that is being abused.

The alcoholism treatment statistics show that more than 50% of all the admissions into a typical rehab program for alcohol addiction are admitted by the criminal courts because of legal issues. Those who go to rehab may not fare well if the wrong program is chosen. The alcoholism treatment statistics show that roughly 1 in 4 patients will drop out of treatment before finishing, and another 1 in 4 will be dropped from the program for various reasons. These reasons may include a failure to abide by the rules or continued alcohol use while in treatment.