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Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs: Which Methods Actually Work?

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs: Which Methods Actually Work?


rehabilitation facility KelownaWith all of the alcohol abuse treatment programs advertised out there how can you tell which programs use methods that actually work? If you have a problem with alcohol abuse you want a program that offers permanent results, one that will permanently change your life for the better. Why is it that some alcohol abuse treatment programs give better results than others? The answer is the varying methods and techniques that are used to treat the alcohol abuse and addiction. Some rehab centers do not offer much in the way of treatment except for group therapy, and possibly some fitness activities. While these methods can be found in almost all alcoholism treatment programs many rehabs do not include any other therapy options or counseling types, and this is a recipe for future relapse.


Alcohol abuse treatment programs that are effective and actually can be found, but these programs tend to be more expensive than the usual rehab, because of the cost of specialists and other treatment requirements. The most effective alcohol rehab centers, ones that will give you results that last, all include individual one on one counseling. This counseling is very costly, and can run one hundred dollars or more per hour just for the fee charged by the professional. Without individual sessions alcohol abuse treatment programs are usually just a quick fix that is temporary. The root causes of the alcohol abuse are not uncovered and resolved without individual one on one counseling, and this is what will lead to a relapse later on after treatment is finished.


Finding the right alcoholism treatment center does not have to be difficult or take months. A careful evaluation of the treatment methods offered will help you determine whether a specific facility can provide permanent recovery or not. A common reaction is to choose the cheapest rehab facility found, but this is a mistake that can result in a waste of your hard earned money. To be highly effective and achieve successful results consistently alcohol abuse treatment programs have to charge higher prices, to cover the higher staff costs that are involved.


If you have a problem with alcohol abuse and are trying to find alcoholism counselling programs that will help you succeed in your recovery efforts then Valiant Recovery is the answer you are looking for. This program offers both one on one counseling and spiritual counseling, so that all of the contributing causes to your alcoholism are addressed and resolved before you leave treatment. Classes in managing your anger, proper nutrition and physical fitness, and stress management techniques are all included. Valiant is not one of the cheap alcohol abuse treatment programs, but if you are looking for a permanent recovery then this is the best and most effective program you will find. Cheap programs give exactly what you pay, while Valiant offers proven methods that may cost more but that have been shown to get consistent results that last.