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Addiction Treatment Instead of Jail time.

Addiction Treatment can help you stay out of jail and get reduced sentencing…

Using a treatment diversion program for addiction instead of serving jail time treats the problem not the symptoms. Being thrown in jail for a DUI charge, petty crimes while under the influence, and other charges  may actually create bigger problems in the long run.  

An addiction treatment centre may be able to truly make a difference.

At Valiant Recovery we have been helping clients get over their addiction problems for over 10 years. In this time we have learned that many people struggling with addiction also have legal problems. We have worked with Judges, Lawyers and PO Officers to ensure safety and accountability for everyone involved. 

We have found that most Judges are overjoyed when presented with the news that a defendant has chosen to enter into an Inpatient Treatment Program of their own volition. We have had clients who’s charges were completely dropped after doing the 90 day program.

The longer the program the more Favourable the reaction from the Judge.”

These are some of the main benefits that our clients get from our program:

  • Living at an elegant residence where they feel loved and looked after helps to change their outlook on life. Most clients truly enjoy the group sessions in the great room with its marble fireplace.
  • Daily regular exercise and sleep helps the body repair itself and many clients have lost weight and become fit while under our supervision. We have a gym in the residence.
  • We offer the highest number of individualized counselling sessions in Canada, which allows for major breakthroughs. Our counsellors are top notch and they are specialized in trauma and addictions.
  • Our clients have access to specialized therapeutic recovery videos on our 150 inch screen with 9.1 Dolby surround sound.
  • Staff prepared tasty nutritious meals which allows our clients to focus on their recovery.
  • The Genesis Process Programs which help to take away false belief systems and core trauma. These are led by trained Genesis Process Counsellors. This is a relapse prevention program that identifies your patterns of relapse.
  • Group Sessions led by our compassionate staff using proven evidence based psycho-educational courses.

Private Counselling Guarantee We believe in one on one therapy so much that we guarantee it. Valiant Recovery Guarantees you the most 1on1 therapy in the industry. If you find a Residential Rehab program that offers more personal private therapy in a 30 day program, with a cost of no more than $36,000, we will match and beat their minimum included hours by 10%. (this obviously has to be mentioned before you check in)

The Valiant Recovery guarantee,We are confident in our recovery process, but more importantly we want you to be fully recovered! We will give you a free month of treatment in the event that you relapse. To qualify you must complete our 90 day program, and complete the follow up program. And if you relapse we would like to have you come back for treatment, and the first 30 days is on us. Full Details

We have arranged special financing for your treatment program. Call us for Detailed Program Pricing then follow the link below…

Business Philosophy:

Valiant Recovery is dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized treatment for dependency in a caring and compassionate environment. Client confidentiality is of utmost importance. We treat each client with dignity and strive to replace hopelessness, fear and despair with optimism, hope and a new vision for life. Our staff of professionals are dedicated to excellence while providing life purpose. An understanding environment empowers clients to reach their goals and experience a life free from addictions.

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