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medical detox, the detoxification process

In many cases of substance abuse or addiction a medical detox is needed before treatment for the substance abuse causes can begin. What is this though and how is this type of program carried out? Until your mind and body are free from drugs or alcohol you can not start to recover, and any treatment offered before this point will not be very effective. Medical supervision during the detox period is very important because some substances can cause a physical addiction in the body. When the substance abuse is stopped then the symptoms of withdrawal can start, and these can vary from mild to life threatening depending on the substance that is being abused and the length of time that the abuse has continued.

Medical professionals are on hand around the clock if necessary, to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are managed and minimized and that no adverse health effects occur. If certain drugs or alcohol are abused for long periods of time then sudden withdrawal can create many unpleasant or even dangerous conditions that may require medical intervention or stabilization. Certain medications may be provided to help the patient cope with these symptoms or lessen their effects. Dangerous complications can lead to a medical crisis or even the risk of permanent disability if these are not treated appropriately. If you need treatment it is important that a medical detox component is offered if this is required. This will help you eliminate all of the drugs and alcohol in your system and get you ready for the treatment phase of the recovery process.