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NFL substance abuse policy, NFL suspensions, Washington Redskins

Tanard Jackson, who is the safety for the Washington Redskins, has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for yet another violation of the substance abuse policy that is in place with the league. This is not the first time at this particular rodeo for Jackson, his last 2 years in the league have been plagued by suspensions and disciplinary actions for substance abuse. On 2009 Jackson had to miss out on 4 games because of substance abuse. In 2010 the safety only played in 2 games for the entire 2010 season. Jackson only played 6 games for the 2011 season. The missed games starting back in 2009 and continuing until the current suspension were all due to violating the substance abuse policy of the NFL.

It is no secret that Tanard Jackson needs help and substance abuse treatment. As a pro football player Jackson makes large amount of money to play a game that he loves. This alone should be a wake up call, and the first drug policy violation suspension should have been enough to make Jackson realize he was risking everything for substance abuse. Jackson has had to sit out 20 games in the last two football seasons because of violations and suspensions, and now he is indefinitely suspended. 3 suspensions could cause an NFL ban for life, effectively ending his chance at any pro team or a future in pro football. IF Jackson has not considered substance abuse treatment before this suspension now would be the time to seriously consider getting the help that he desperately needs to get his life and career back on track.