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Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, gift giving, and family togetherness. For individuals with a substance abuse problem this is not always true though, and this time of year can be extremely stressful. Addiction causes friction between the addict and those who love them, and may turn any family events into arguments or repeated attempts to help which go nowhere. Families of addicts may end up with a lot of resentment as well as concern and fears, and this can make gatherings uncomfortable for everyone. When you have an addiction it may seem like the alcohol or drugs are the most important thing in the world, even a higher priority than family relationships and events. Often staying for more than a short time may be impossible because of the intense cravings experienced for the substance that is abused.Christmas stress from addiction, holiday help for substance abuse

Suicide rates normally rise dramatically around the holidays, and many of these result from individuals who are tired of fighting the cravings or living the life of the addict. In addition accidental overdoses also go up substantially during this same time period because of the increased emotional overload, stress, and resulting substance abuse. If you are an addict there is help, and treatment methods that can work. Why not give yourself the best gift possible this holiday season, the help that you need for a normal life once again? The holidays do not have to mean depression, sadness, and feelings of isolation. You can conquer your substance abuse if you are willing to accept the help offered.