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rehab as a Christmas gift, substance abuse treatment during the holidays

If you have a family member or other loved one who has problems with substance abuse or addiction should you give them rehab help as a holiday gift? The truth is that the individual with the problem must be the one to want help. Until this point is reached then all of the available programs in the world will not work and the addiction will continue. An intervention may be the first step to a complete recovery, and this may be arranged during the holiday to help your loved one understand how important this treatment is. If the individual is amenable to a rehab stay then this can be a great gift, one that affects everyone in the family and not just the addict.


Giving a rehab stay if the individual is not ready to accept help could be a waste of money though. Discuss the issue with the specific treatment program you are considering. It may be possible to pay for treatment without specifying a specific start date. If this is the case then you may want to pay for treatment in the future, in case the individual decides to seek help. If the program does not allow a pre payment in this method then the best move may be to wait and try to get your family member to see that they need treatment. The right program may not accept payment in advance without a specific start date, but that does not mean you should stop offering help and treatment assistance.