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best treatment types, most effective treatment methods

1. Individual Counseling- Individual counseling occurs one on one. This counseling is the only way to uncover individual causes of substance abuse or addiction. Individual counseling is generally one of the most expensive treatment methods possible but it is also very highly effective. Some high end rehab facilities offer this type of counseling.

2. Group Counseling- Group counseling is one of the most common treatments offered, and this method does have a place in a lasting recovery. Since group counseling only requires one professional for the entire group receiving treatment it is affordable. Group sessions can be beneficial but they should be offered in combination with other treatments listed.

3. Spiritual Counseling- Most substance abuse treatment programs do not offer spiritual counseling. This type of treatment can be very helpful in providing a permanent recovery though, because spiritual wounds and voids can lead to substance abuse or addiction. Addressing these wounds will finally allow them to heal.

4. Stress Management- Stress management courses can be vital to a full and lasting recovery. Relapse occurs at times of high stress, If you are taught how to manage and eliminate stress effectively then you are far less likely to relapse in the future because of stress.

5. Anger Management- Anger is another common relapse trigger. Anger management will teach you how to defuse your anger so that it is not destructive and does not cause you to relapse. The most effective treatment programs will include anger management courses to lower the risk of future relapses.