The Consequences Of Sex Addiction Can Be Devastating!

Sex Addiction, Sexual Compulsions

A sex addiction is no joke, this is a serious problem that requires intensive treatment in order for the affected individual to recover. What is the difference between a high sex drive and an actual addiction to this activity though? How is this type of condition diagnosed? There are a number of signs that can show your sexual compulsions may be overwhelming or that an addiction to this activity is developing. If you engage in risky sexual practices or your activities threaten to damage any part of your life then you may need to seek help as soon as possible. What are the consequences if you do not receive help for this type of problem? They can be devastating in many cases.


A sex addiction can ruin your marriage, your career, or even your life. You may develop an overwhelming depression that you can not seem to shake, and you may experience low self esteem. Many addicts of this type hate their behavior and themselves for engaging in it but they are not willing to stop. The rush or high that you may feel from sexual activity and situations is the same that alcoholics and drug abusers experience. The pleasure center in the brain is stimulated and this acts as a reward for the behavior. If you are addicted to sex you may find that this threatens any intimate relationship or marriage that you are involved in. There are also many STDs and other safety risks that need to be considered, some of which can be fatal.

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