How A Christian Rehab Can Improve Your Chances For A Permanent Recovery

Christian rehab, Christian substance abuse treatment

A Christian rehab is a substance abuse treatment center that utilizes Christian beliefs and philosophies in the treatment and recovery of substance abuse or addiction. Belief in a higher power can be the deciding factor in the final results seen and make the difference between a permanent recovery and a short term measure that will not last. When you choose a Christian rehab your problems will be treated with compassion, and the staff at this type of program will never look down on clients because of the problems that they have. Christian teachings are followed and the entire staff shares the same principles and beliefs as the clients who are being treated. Tolerance of other faiths is part of the Christian philosophy but those who are not Christian may not benefit as much from this specialized type of program.




A Christian rehab typically offers spiritual counseling on a regular basis and religious services are available each week. The compassionate and caring staff truly care about each client as a person and they want to help. Fewer clients are in the residential setting at any time so that the staff has more time to spend with each client individually. The Christian rehab chosen should include several hours of individual counseling each week, and also address the spiritual wounds that contribute to the substance abuse or addiction. If spiritual wounds are left alone and do not heal then this can have negative consequences for the client in the future and a true recovery will never occur until the healing is complete.


A Christian Rehab Is Perfect At Christmas!

Christian rehab, Christian substance abuse treatment

Christmas is a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ and the spirit of giving. For many addicts this time is also filled with temptation and relapse as well though. A Christian rehab facility makes perfect sense at this time of year, as well as the rest of the time. If you have Christian beliefs and principles then you understand the specialness that Christmas has. You may have tried other types of treatment programs in the past and ended up relapsing, or you may have never sought help until this point. Compared to the struggles of Jesus Christ your troubles should seem minor, but addiction can be very compelling as well as destructive. A Christian rehab program can help you recover from spiritual and psychological wounds that fuel the addiction and prevent you from recovering.


If you have substance abuse or addiction problems then you need help. It is not a matter of will power or emotional strength. These problems normally stem from invisible wounds that have never been allowed to heal. The issues must be worked through so that true healing can start. A Christian oriented facility allows you to receive treatment from others who share the same faith and beliefs, in a luxurious setting that is therapeutic and relaxing. Why not give yourself the gift of a better future and a rehab experience that is effective without being stressful? If you are willing to go through treatment you may even find that friends and family members may be willing to help financially in order for you to get the best possible results and outcome.